Friday, July 25, 2008

Learning about Love, Strength, Courage and Faith every day on the job

I had a neat experience at work this week. We have a lady in our nursing home that is late stage Muscular Dystrophy. It's really sad because she is so young (only about 40) and she is in bed most of the time. We had a IDT meeting Wednesday and she came. She has always impressed me because she has such a sweet personality. Every time I see her she smiles. Today she asked me to pray for her. I told her that we would all include her in our prayers but she wanted me to pray for her right at that moment. Her request was so unusual and so heartfelt that I couldn't say no. I asked everyone in the room if they had any objections. Everyone said they were fine with it so we all joined hands and prayed for her. I was the voice. The spirit was so strong I could hardly speak the words. I have carried that special spirit of that moment with me all week. I am going into my fifth year as a social worker and that is something I never expected would happen on the job but it is something I'll never forget.
People ask me how I can do my job. They think it would be so hard to be around sick people all day but I feel that what I do is a privilege. I am blown away by the strength and courage and sacrifice that I witness there everyday, like the man who comes and reads to this particular patient every night and leaves after she falls asleep. I learn about real love from these people every day. The other thing that this experience taught me is that I actually am glad(finally) (really) to be living in Utah. I don't think I would ever openly pray with my collegues anywhere else in the country and have everyone be ok with it.

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Erin said...

That's a great story Mom! Also, I love the garden pics. It looks beautiful!