Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Day The Gummi Bear Saved My Life

So, I went to see this nine year old boy to do some bereavement counseling. He had just lost his grama and was having a hard time. I was sitting next to him on the back porch when his dog came over to say hello. "I really want you to see my dog!" the boy said. "He's a full blooded wolf!!." Great! I thought. Well, I love dogs and wolves aren't that different I guess. So this wolf dog sits there staring at me about three feet away, checking me out while I tried to talk to his human. It was an odd experience because it was like this creature had glued his eyes to my face and I'm wondering what he's thinking. All the time I'm trying to talk to the boy, I'm trying to ignore the wolf dog, but it started getting really hard because you could see a little snarl start forming on the side of his mouth and then you could hear a little low growlly sound. I was afraid to look at him but I quietly said, "Is your dog going to bite me?" "Oh no, he's harmless. He loves everybody!" The next thing I knew the dog springs forward and starts licking my chest, tail wagging. After my heart rate started to recover I looked down to see him licking a gummi bear that was stuck to the front of my shirt. I guess he figured that any woman who walks into a strangers home with candy stuck to her boob can't be all that bad.


MyCraftTime said...

This cracks me up, from your friend who has the whole world landing on her ledge...Marian

MyCraftTime said...

Thinking of you today, my dear one, as I get into Valentine making mode---